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The reflection of light through the glassblocks transforms static walls into living and expressive surfaces.

Glass Wall Tiles

Glass wall tiles adorn contemporary and graphic walls. The light reflects with singularity. Made in France.

Floor Glass Pavers

The light vibrates and undulates, elegantly crossing the glass blocks of the horizontal surfaces.

Innovative Products

La Rochère designs different products to be integrated differently into architecture, landscaped creations, a decorated interior.

Glass Roof Tiles

The glass roof tiles adorn the roofs with all their transparency, bathing the spaces in intense natural light.

Specific Products

Our perfect knowledge of glass allows us to always respond precisely and efficiently to your needs.

French expertise, know-how and innovation since 1475

Serving building professionals and architects, La Rochère also offers to design and create the ideal, tailor-made product with you. Our perfect knowledge of glass and its professions allows us to always respond precisely and efficiently to your needs.

La Rochère is today the only French manufacturer of tiles, bricks, glass tiles and paving stones. We have been labeled “Entreprise du Patrimoine Vivant” since 2015 and certified “Origine France Garantie” since 2023.

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