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GLASSBLOCKS at the Strasbourg Alsace Racing Club

In 1974, the professional football team Strasbourg Racing Club opened its first training centre. In 2000, the facilities were considered obsolete and the club, led by its president, decided to build a new centre adjacent to its Meinau stadium. The design of the new premises was entrusted to Philippe Proisy, who imagined a building opening onto the outside and bathed in natural light.

The architect’s idea was for more than the average amount of natural light to penetrate into the building, making the inside feel similar to the outside, as the structure is dedicated to training and the footballers would be training outside. 

The glass blocks were supplied in pre-fabricated panels of all different sizes. The nearly 800 m2 of glass block panels follow the lines of the building, alternating between straight and rounded surfaces. They were delivered to the worksite using a mobile crane, which used two slings to lift each panel. 

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Cubiver2 & Cubidouche

In order to make the assembly of glass block walls accessible to everyone, easy and quick, La Rochère has developed Cubiver. The bricks, coated with a PVC belt, fit together and assemble for a neat finish. An ingenious system for easily creating walls that let light shine through.

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