Standards Panels

Handcrafted in our workshops

Standards Panels range


Prefabricated panels in the best workshops conditions:

The advantages of quality:
- regularity of joints and edges
- reinforcements ideally distributed and arranged

Speed ​​and ease of installation


Panels in stock with bricks: 195 19x19x5

Colorless cloud 198 19x19x8

Colorless cloud
Other colors and decors from the range on request with added value (198 only).


See table below

(tolerance: ± 1 cm)

1 cm joints, 4 cm borders in reinforced mortar (cement white)

The panels can be installed in both directions

Precision of gestures

in France

The prefabricated panels are made by hand in our workshops, with expert and precise movements which guarantee a regular finish enhancing the vibrancy of the light through the glass of the bricks.

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